O.B. ProComfort Tampons Mini with SilkTouch 56 PCS

The ob® ProComfort ™ tampons are designed to offer a double advantage: ob® technology with curved grooves provides reliable protection and its exclusive cover SilkTouch ™, silk touch facilitate insertion of the tampon.


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Experience intelligent protection that suits you. Try O.B. ProComfort Tampons Mini with SilkTouch™ 56 PCS non-applicator tampon.

In 1950, Dr. Judith Esser, a pioneering female gynaecologist, collaborated with a team of engineers to develop o.b. tampons, revolutionizing feminine hygiene. Specialists hailed these tampons as “the future of health protection,” a prediction validated over the ensuing 55 years as millions of women worldwide continue to trust and rely on them.

Crafted from sterile medical-grade cotton wool, o.b. tampons uphold stringent quality standards established through decades of scientific research and innovation. The hallmark of o.b. tampons lies in their exclusive o.b. technology, featuring spiral channels engineered to optimize fluid absorption, ensuring dependable protection when it matters most.

Among o.b.’s diverse range, ProComfort tampons mini 56 pcs stand out for their SilkTouch™ cover, renowned for its smooth texture that facilitates effortless insertion and removal. Even during lighter flow days, their comfort remains unparalleled, enhancing the overall period experience.

Available in various sizes, O.B. ProComfort cater to individual preferences, empowering users to select the most suitable option for their needs. Endorsed by the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, o.b. tampons exemplify a trusted choice in feminine hygiene products.

O.B. ProComfort non applicator tampons represent the pinnacle of menstrual protection, boasting three innovative features designed to prioritize comfort and efficacy. SilkTouch™ ensures gentle insertion and removal, complemented by ultra-soft wings that aid in leakage prevention. Dynamic Fit technology enables seamless adaptation to the unique contours of the vagina, ensuring optimal comfort and maximum absorption. Meanwhile, Fluid-Lock® grooves provide unparalleled leak protection, ensuring confidence and peace of mind throughout the menstrual cycle.

Contents of Package:
O.B. ProComfort Tampons Mini 56 Pcs.


  • 100% plant-based tampon core and are free from harmful chemicals (e.g. pesticides), chlorine bleach and perfume
  • SilkTouch surface ensures particularly gentle insertion and removal
  • Dynamic Fit technology: nique and interlocking grooves help distribute liquid efficiently inside the tampon
  • Gynecologist approved
  • Hypoallergenic: designed to minimize the rick of allergy.

Mini is particularly suitable for days with a light to moderate flow.

Follow the instructions in the enclosed leaflet.
100% plant-based tampon core

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O.B. ProComfort Tampons Mini with SilkTouch 56 PCS

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